Consult with me on Maven
Consult with me on Maven

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Two Dharnas in Islamabad: Their Impact - My Opinon

The Marchers have made some achievements already. The issue at hand and the implications of these Marches are not and will not be limited to the current government or the two Sharif Brothers.
-Reversed d meagre democratic gains made by this state and society
-Increased Chaos and Anarchy further erodes State and cohesion of the society, creating a vacuum, thus makes organized groups with weapons more powerful- The marches have taken the state and society towards Anarchy and chaos, thus creating a vacuum. Such Organized group in the past was only Military, thus most analysts still consider that is the only institution that has gained. 
-They ignore that in today's Pakistan we have a number of other organized groups (various Lashkars Taliban etc) with weapons and thus they have also gained more power. 
-In the coming days I see increased intolerance, sectarian and religious violence and a more frightened weakened society. This will quicken the pace of destruction of this State and Society. 

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